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What is it men truly seek?

“Linnorm” is the working title for this campaign. The current iteration of this is a homebrew game with a strong viking-era theme. Either it will follow published adventures, something of the gamemeaster’s own creation, or some mixture of the two as a sandbox. Frog God Games’ Northlands Saga Complete is a strong contender for pulling partial or all story, regardless of the systems mentioned below.

The campaign is very early in planning phase, and thus the final tone has not quite revealed itself yet. You can expect at least some grit, some use of magic, and some good old fashioned heroics in frigid temperatures. If I’m comfortable enough with gamemastering, a sandbox format may be possible.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Lands of the Linnorm Kings, How To Train Your Dragon, Marvel’s Thor, GURPS Vikings, Midgard Campaign Setting: Northlands, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, History Channel’s Vikings, and the historical Norse sagas.

Final system used is subject to change, though the current front runner is Labyrinth Lord, with Advanced Edition Companion and select 3rd party supplements (Labyrinths & Linnorms? Ha!). Other systems that will be evaluated are Cypher System, +3 System (used in Ellis: Kingdom in Turmoil) and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This will be determined by the group makeup, established tone, and initial goals the players would like to explore in the story.

Estimated Launch
This is among a handful of possible campaigns I’m letting simmer until completion of my current campaign, Pathfinder Resplendence.

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